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helpful of any of the books for LSAT.(必备用书)
(一)The LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible 2017
Featuring over 100 real Logical Reasoning questions with detailed explanations, the Bible is a comprehensive how-to manual for solving every type of Logical Reasoning question.
(二)The LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible 2017
The definitive guide to the Reading Comprehension section of the LSAT, featuring real LSAT passages and questions with complete explanations!
(三)The LSAT Logic Games Bible 2017
The ultimate guide for attacking the analytical reasoning section of the LSAT. The LSAT Logic Games Bible features a detailed methodology for attacking the games section, extensive drills, and 28 real LSAT logic games with detailed analyses.
(四)The LSAT Logic Games Bible Workbook 2017
The ideal companion to The PowerScore Logic Games Bible, providing an array of tools to help you master LSAT games. First, the book presents multiple drills to reinforce the concepts and approaches learned in the Logic Games Bible. Next, the Workbook challenges you with a variety of real LSAT Logic Games, including a discussion of the optimal setup for each game, with every rule and important logical inference discussed and diagrammed, and all of the questions answered and explained.
(五)The LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible Workbook 2017
Five LSAT Logical Reasoning sections presented in their entirety (over 125 LSAC-released Logical Reasoning questions in all), followed by complete explanations of every stimulus, question, and answer choice.
(六)The LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible Workbook 2017
The PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Workbook contains twenty complete reading comprehension passages, reproduced in their entirety from actual past LSATs, along with multiple drills that focus on reinforcing the skills you need to effectively attack the Reading Comprehension section. The answer key provides an extensive breakdown and analysis of each passage, and each question and answer choice is explained.
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