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This breathtaking sandstone home appears to be straight out of 19th century Britain, but it's actually up for sale in country Queensland

'The Abbey' boasts 50 rooms - including chapel, a grand dining area (pictured) as well as 14 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms

The home's stain glass was prepared by the Munich Royal Bavarian Art Institute for Stained Glass - the same company which made glass for the Vatican

'It's really surreal. You don't feel like you own it because it's not like a normal home,' said Mrs Hunt, the current home owner 

据《每日邮报》报道,这处豪宅位于Warwick小镇,占地1万平方米,有50个房间,其中包括14间卧室和12间浴室,内有超豪华的用餐区,甚至还自带小教堂。地产中介Josh Thomas称:“这处房产的第一块奠基石,是在1891年的时候铺放的,所以很有历史价值。”

The breathtaking property in the Queensland town of Warwick sits on 10,000 square meters of land and includes this chapel 

'We could sleep in a different bed every night and feel like we're on holiday for over a week,' the current home owner said

The owners have lived in the property for nearly eight years, but now want to relocate to be closer to family

'The real surprise may just be how cozy and homely this home feels,' according to the property's online listing

The stunning property goes up for auction later this month. The Queensland home last sold for $1.525 million in 2010

'It's got 127 years of history,' Ray White selling agent Josh Thomas told Daily Mail Australia, speaking of the property on Thursday

The home's current owners said they fell in love with the home as soon as they laid eyes on it before making the purchase in 2010

'The Abbey really is an extraordinary opportunity for your future vision, whilst embracing a rich history,' the listing reads


The first foundation stone was laid back in 1891. 'So it has that sort of historical relevance. It's something quite unique,' Mr Thomas said

'It's quite a special property and it's something that is rarely available in Australia, let alone Queensland,' the agent said

This bathroom, one of a dozen the property boasts, leads directly to one of the 14 bedrooms the stunning home includes

One of the bedrooms (pictured) in the Queensland property features high timber ceilings and dual chandeliers 

'Fixing her up and feeling the love come back out of her - you just have this proud feeling you can't put into words,' Mrs Hunt said

A sitting area is pictured outside the exquisite property, which will go up for auction on January 28

This massive balcony overlooks the Queensland town of Warwick, which is situated about 130 kilometres south-west of Brisbane

这处房产的原屋主是Sonia Hunt和Mark Cains,这对夫妇在这里住了8年的时间,据悉在2010年时,这处房产的售价为152.5万澳元。Hunt说:“我和丈夫搬到这里居住后,简直每天都像在度假,而且在开始的两周内,我们可以每天住在不同的房间里。现在出售是因为,我们想搬到离家人更近一点的地方居住。”地产中介Thomas称,已经有多名潜在买家表示感兴趣,除了来自澳洲国内的买家,还有海外买家。



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